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Q: Where can I buy Akando products?

A: You can shop all our products directly through our web store. You can find the selected assortment in partner branches as well. To check full list of our dealers click here 

Q: Have I completed the order if I have not received a confirmation email?

After completing the checkout process, you should have received a confirmation email. In case the email has not arrived, check the SPAM box. If the confirmation is not there either, it is probably an error. Please repeat the purchase or contact us at

Q: Can I buy goods tax-free from your shop?

A: Yes. Shipping is from Croatia (European Union). If you are ordering within the EU, refunds for tax-free purchases are only valid with a VAT identification number. If you are ordering worldwide, the orders do not include tax anyway. 

Q: When can I expect my order to be delivered?

A: Generally, our shipping times are between 4-10 business days within the EU after the order leaves our warehouse in Zagreb, Croatia (EU). If you are located in the rest of the world, you can expect delivery between 10-30 business days. Once your order leaves, you will receive an email with tracking information and an ETA for delivery will be included.

Q: What size glove do I need?

A: Please use our size chart and instructions on how to measure your hand. To see the size guide click here.

Q: What is the difference between the Akando Classic Black and the Akando Pro Black gloves?

A: The difference between classic and pro models is in the type of leather used. In the classicmodel, we use sheepskin - white, and in the pro model, we use cowhide -black. Besides colour, sheepskin is thinner thus giving you more feel. Cowhide is a bit thicker and thus more durable. Regarding warmness, pro model is only slightly warmer.

Q: Should I buy the Akando Windstopper gloves for the summer season? I fear that they will be too hot during the summer.

A: PRO and CLASSIC models are designed to be used during most of the jumping season, except winter or very cold jumps (ground level temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius). The backside of this model is made of stretchy four-way spandex material which breathes much better than the windstopper gloves. Windstopper gloves are designed to be warmer and they can also be used on motorcycles, as they are excellent in preventing wind from coming inside the glove from the backside. Most people use pro and classic models and they are our best sellers.

Q: Are all of your gloves washable and dryable?

A: Since our gloves are made with real leather, you should treat them as any other leather garment. Real leather has many advantages for this purpose compared to artificial materials, but they should not be washed or tumble-dried.